A horse game full of adventures!

1. Star Stable is an online multiplayer horse game for PC and Mac.

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2. Players can explore the island of Jorvik and care for their own horses.

3. Players can breed, raise, and train their horses, and can participate in various activities such as racing and jumping.

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4 Players can complete quests and missions, and can customize their character and horse with a variety of clothing and gear options.

5. The game is free to play, with optional paid membership options that unlock additional features and content.

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6. Players can interact with other players from around the world.

Care for and train your horse

Ride, race, and care for your very own horses. Jorvik is home to a huge variety of different horses, from beautiful real-life breeds to spectacular magical steeds, each with its own unique look and personality.

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7 Players can earn in-game currency through gameplay and can use it to purchase items and services.

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8. Star Stable has a strong focus on community and social features, with players able to join clubs and participate in events with other players.