Redgear MT41 Manta 4. in 1 Gaming Combo with Keyboard, Mouse, Headphones and Speed Edition Mousepad.


Price: ₹2,990 - ₹2,699.00
(as of Mar 21,2023 12:35:17 UTC – Details)


From the manufacturer

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The Manta 4.1

Manta 4.1 combo contains blaze membrane gaming keyboard, Manta gaming mouse, Redgear mousepad and Manta headphones. The comfortable, ergonomic design of Redgear brings you ultimate gaming experience.

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The Blaze

The blaze is specially designed to comply with pro-gaming tournament. For low-DPI gamers or high doesn’t matter blaze is designed for both, the design gives you extra space to make wide moves with your mouse. Easy to carry and using the keyboard while playing games online and offline tournaments.

Key Features: Membrane gaming keyboard 10m long lasting switches 3 LED color light Windows key-lock Aluminum body Wrist support 19 Anti-ghosting keys Floating key-cap design

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The Manta Gaming Mouse

The manta gaming mouse is equipped with a 3200dpi optical sensor. Capable of mouse movement speeds of up to 50inches per second. The ergonomics shape of the mouse gives gamers the most comfortable gaming experience ever. The redgear manta gaming mouse is especially designed for right hand users. The LED effect along with all the features makes the mouse more stylish.

Key Features: Dpi resolution 800/1600/2000/3200 LED light effect 5M clicks M-media option Customization software 5 profile with macro editing

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Mouse Mat

The manta 4.1 includes MP35 speed-type small mouse mat which is built with the great technology and craftsmanship to ensure the precise and consistent glide. The redgear MP35 speed surface works on all the gaming mice. It remains smooth and efficient regardless of any desktop or in-game sensitivity settings. The mouse mat is much more soft and comfortable to touch. Perfect for the gamers who loves speed and acceleration which gives maximum accuracy and movement speed for their gaming settings.

Key Features: Mouse mat size 350mm x 250mm x 4mm Fit for all gaming mouse, regardless of sensitivity settings Quick response for consistent in game control Incredibly smooth and fast Mouse moves quickly across the entire surface with zero hindrance Suits for gamers who need to hit targets faster and more efficiently Stitched side coating

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Manta Headphone

The 40mm Magnetic drivers make sure that no matter which game you’re playing, you’ll always have the drop on your enemies. The pin-point accuracy is great for FPS’ while the overall sound makes a great experience for enjoying a game of LOL, an RPG, or any MMO’s. The manta headphone has 3.5mm audio-Mic jack and USB for LED with remote to control the volume and mute function during long gaming sessions.

Key Features: RGB LED effect Microphone Extra soft earcups Amazing headband Light weight 2.1m cord length

Redgear 3200DPI Manta gaming mouse
Redgear MP35 speed gaming mousepad with pin point accuracy
Redgear RGB gaming headphones with mic and extra soft earmuffs for long gaming sessions

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